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  1. 旁友,在github里搜oni的别国语言翻译当参考时发现你的repo了……一起啊,第3页有人贴出来了,在github里搜oni全名也能看到一个-zh的,目前翻译了大概1/4
  2. 来来来。但是Git的协作还没用过。另外,有些翻译是不是有专业的名词相对啊
  3. And the "dirt ball" jumps. I can make a sweep task but that is uesless. Reloading the game is useless, too. (Hope I've described it clearly.)
  4. Getting this too. There is one "loud sleeper" but another bed displays that sfx as well "all cycle". (Update: I reloaded the game and the sfx disappeared.)
  5. Equip a torch, extinguish it with ice, and I'll have a unlimited torch in hand. The torch'll be normal after re-equiping of course. (I'm the host)