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Long Commutes encourage laziness?

Damian Alien
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I am in late pre-rocketry game and have reached most of the map. While I have transport tubes, I still have long commutes.
The issue I am encountering is that dupes will regularly travel across half the map, do one thing, and then travel back to the other side of the map to do something else—wasting huge amounts of time. You could have a number of things to do in the area but the dupe will often do only one thing—leading to a big slow down in building. Sometimes this will be because the dupe only carries a certain number of resources (suck as 2500g of metal) but even if a number of dig tasks are assigned  the dupe will still run back after mining of of the tiles they could potentially do.

Perhaps dupes should have their tasks re-evaluted after a long commute?


Steps to Reproduce
Difficult to reproduce. Try setting up an extensive transport tube network and have a number of tasks all over the map. Have one group of tasks (such as dig; not mopping as that seems more robust) all in one area. Some dupes will mine once and then go to do something else. I see a lot of this due to having most of map settled and have tubes all over the map and have many auto-harvest tasks queued.

User Feedback

Optimization is extremely hard. Consider how this game works. You (the player) order a list of tasks, which are assigned to dupes based on dupes' preferences. From a dupe's perspective, he receives a list of errands and he is going execute the list. Inevitably, there will be lots of inefficiency. For examples:

  1. Dupe A building something at Point A, and travels to Point B (thousands miles away) to building something, and then returns all the way back to Point A to build more things. 
  2. Dupe A is working at Point A, the player add a near-by order (like toggling a switch at point A). The funny thing is that someone else, Dupe B, that is far away from point A, will receive the order while dupe A could have done it right away.

The priority overlay (for the player) and dupes preference are two major tools of optimization, but there are limitations. This is hard!

  • We think a dupe should complete his duty at some location before moving to another place, but this could be problematic because no one will respond to an emergency happening somewhere else then.
  • We will significantly improve the colony's efficiency if we could assign errands to every single dupe directly. But this is also bad because it gives the player tons of work. 

The player's careful planning could help a bit, but the dupes will need to be able to "think ahead" and "act rationally" one day to really make a difference. 

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In the priorities tab, there's an option to enable proximity. This will make duplicants prioritize closer errands. This has definitely helped me, but it's far from perfect

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