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  1. In the priorities tab, there's an option to enable proximity. This will make duplicants prioritize closer errands. This has definitely helped me, but it's far from perfect
  2. A random tile of granite suddenly appeared on my jukebot. I didn't see the original pop-up, so it may've happenned during loading and not while playing.
  3. I'm doing construction without suits, otherwise it'd take like 10 cycles to get everything done. I mean, I'm doing it with an exosuit and regenerative duplicant now, but it doesn't make sense that they're immune to extreme low pressure yet die from 20g of 70c oxygen
  4. 100 grams of oxygen at 100 degrees is enough to severely injure a duplicant. It's really difficult building in space since a few grams of gass near open space tiles get extremely hot and those few grams are enough to cause full damage scalding. May be intentional, but so little gass shouldn't be near as lethal as scalding gass around 800g
  5. I'm having the exact same thing happening. My entire base is being swallowed by 50g of carbon dioxide, my vent to space is overpressured and my electrolyzers wont work due to being completely flooded in hydrogen.