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  1. This has happened to me in QOL3. Seems to be replicated the same way as ThirdEye. Saving and restarting seems to solve the issue for that instance.
  2. I am in late pre-rocketry game and have reached most of the map. While I have transport tubes, I still have long commutes. The issue I am encountering is that dupes will regularly travel across half the map, do one thing, and then travel back to the other side of the map to do something else—wasting huge amounts of time. You could have a number of things to do in the area but the dupe will often do only one thing—leading to a big slow down in building. Sometimes this will be because the dupe only carries a certain number of resources (suck as 2500g of metal) but even if a number of dig tasks are assigned the dupe will still run back after mining of of the tiles they could potentially do. Perhaps dupes should have their tasks re-evaluted after a long commute?
  3. I see this issue regularly. Water does not need to be particularly hot so the bug does not seem to be environmentally motivated. In the included image, the water is 53 degrees and the conductive wire visible to the left of the unreachable build goes right up to the unreachable build (hidden by the insulated tiles) can be reached and were built as part of the same panning. It seems that pathing stops after a particular distance. UPDATE: This seems to have been fixed for me in QOL3.