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Liquid/gas bridges not selectable from plumbing/ventilation overlay

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Liquid/gas bridges are currently not selectable from the plumbing/ventilation overlays. The only way to select a bridge (e.g. for deconstruction) is to close the overlay and cycle through on the regular view.

This has worked fine until a few updates ago.

Steps to Reproduce
  • build a liquid or gas bridge, and pipe segments on input, output, and another pipe going under the bridge
  • in the corresponding overlay (F6/F7) try to select the bridge

User Feedback

Update: It IS selectable when there's no pipe segments. If there's a pipe segment on the input/output ports, or in the middle (which usually is when a bridge is used) then it only ever selects the pipes, and I can't cycle though to get the bridge.

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Hey @WeSaidMeh,

Hmm, I can't seem to reproduce this on my end: I am still able to select the bridge in all of the situations you described.

I do, however, see a bug that the Bridge doesn't show up in the "hovered element cards" list when in the overlay. I'm still able to cycle through to select it in the info screen on the right, though.

You've probably already done it, but mind doing a sanity double-check for me and seeing if the bridge definitely doesn't show up in the info screen? Since we're experiencing two different things, being able to cross that off the list as a possibility will be helpful :) 

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I can confirm the issue. A gas/liguid bridge is there, and cant be selected in the pipe overlay. Everytime i only get the underlaying pipe, but never the bridge. I can only select the bridge, if i exit all overlays, and click my way through the whole bunch of overlapping buildngs until i reach the bridge itself. In gas or liquid overlay the bridge is just noch there to select.

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