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Liquid Valve / Waterpipebug

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Hey Dev´s, i have found a really gamebreaking bug, because:

Waterpipes use 10KG of water per second

so my problem is:

I setting up the Liquid Valve to 1000g/s (10x 1kg if it would work properly till the next blob of 10kg will be splittet into 1kg)

but it sends still water till the waterpipes have again 10kgof water in it, the shower uses only 1000g/s so it must be fixed that the valve dosend stop / dosend split the water into the right amount.

Pump (10kg) - Liquid Valve (1kg) - shower 10kg - shower output 1kg


how it must be.

Pump (10kg) - Liquid Valve (10x 1kg) - shower 1kg - shower output 1kg


because of that the water is 9x faster cleared then normal.


pls fix

Steps to Reproduce
i will write a Review ;)

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Are you SURE it's using 10 kg? Have you examined every pipe section and watched their mass drop?

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i have tried everything, i have set the liquid valve to 1000g/s and is still sends the water through the valve till on both sides (in the waterpipes) are 10kg of water per pile


normally it must be like that:

10 kg of water will be pumped to the liquid valve, the liquid valve split the 10 kg of water into 10x 1kg of water.


because of that u loosing a lot of water (90% on shower and toilet) because it sends 10 kg of water into the shower but only 1kg contamined water will be dropped out ;)

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the easiest testcase, build a pump, build a valve right next to it with 1kg limit, build a liquid vent.

As you will see, the pump will rest 95% of the time ("not pumping" status message)

If you do this without the valve, you will see the pump will go full 10kg/s speed.


This is the case with a full working plumbing system, but if there are more consumer on the line you will get lost tracking where the water blob splits and when the pump rest. :)

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I think i have same problem. The water blop of 10kg move to next tile every second when in use, nothing change after valve, but after shower or lavatory water change to 1000g.

May be it's because i install the valve after all pipe are connected so if we disconnect the pipe first it'll work.

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I have the same issue. The valve I installed is not limitting the water flow to my electroliser at all. All the water exiting the valve are 10kg even though I set the valve to 1000g. 

The valve was the last thing that I installed. Without the valve, the pipes are not connected. Destroying the valve stops  water flow, rebuilding the valve leads to the same problem.

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