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Less than immediately intuitive behavior of dialogs that accept numbers

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If you enter a number, pressing ESC cancels, and almost anything else accepts your number, but there is no explicit way to accept your number, and this is a little counter-intuitive.

This seems like a weak spot in the UI.

This is also counter to how the Incubator's dialog works. If you click "continuous", that's it, it's changed. Pressing ESC doesn't abandon the change.

The time schedule dialog on a clock sensor also doesn't honor ESC.

A "normal" dialog has "accept" and "cancel" buttons, and possibly "apply".

Steps to Reproduce
1. Bring up a building dialog, in this case I will use as an example the Buffer Gate "Active Buffer Time" dialog. 2. Enter a number in the box. At this point you are left to sit there in confusion, since there is no explicit way to dismiss the dialog or accept changes. In fact, ESC loses changes, ENTER works, clicking on another building works, clicking on the slider brings up a random number for a second but works.

User Feedback

Hi. I think should better go under "suggestion" topic, as it's about ergonomics & gameplay. Doesn't seems to be a bug.

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It is tagged as in "game play" when I go to edit it. I don't know if it always was or if someone has edited it. I assumed that's for game play problems.

The dialog is weird and inconsistent in relation to other game dialogs. Pointing that out is probably more than just a suggestion.

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