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Jumbo and Smart Batteries Don't Receive Charge

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The Jumbo and smart batteries I have installed connected to my coal generators seem to not be gaining any charge. They all have zero joules of power available, despite being directly connected to the coal generators. All of my generators are connected to the smart battery by automation and regular heavi-watt wires, but the power seems to move past the batteries and directly to my power transformers, which is causing power shortages. Tried deconstructing and rebuilding the batteries and automation wire, nothing. Exiting to main menu and restarting the game doesn't work either, only a full PC restart works

Steps to Reproduce

I don't know how to reproduce this. It happens on it's own. 


User Feedback

Like your other bug report, I think we'll need save file, screenshot of different overlay, etc.... More substance.

Batteries are taking power from generators, there's no doubt about that as every single player is using those.

So there's something wrong into your design. A wrong use of the buildings and mechanics, or, something very unusual that reveal a bug somewhere.

But in any case, we'll need more info.

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If your receiving end draws more power (or equal to produced amount), there is just no power left, that could charge the batteries. 

Imagine the following setup: One coal generator (600W), and one battery on one side of a transformer. On the second side of the transformer, 2 batteries, and 500W consumers. They will consume 500W of the produced 600W directly. Then there is 100W left for storage. They will go only to the 2 batteries on the second side of the transformer, leaving the one battery beside the generator dry as a desert. 

Until the 2 batteries on the receiving side of the transformers are full, the battery by the generator will receive nothing.

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