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Job morale is stuck

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Hi guys, I encountered a bug yesterday : 

As you can see Catalina is working as an architect, but weirdly she's needing 16 of morale instead of 8. Every other character are at 8 at this precise job



Even if I unemploy her or get her back to aprentice she's asking 16 of morale.And she's getting stressed real quick


By the way I feel like the jobs are a bit bugged,sometimes charadcter will go to the job boeard for no reason and throw their hats like unemployed even if I asked nothing.


What can I do about all this ?

Oh and I tried to put my log files but there aren't any in my folder

Steps to Reproduce
Get Catalina to master the senior architect then downgrade her to architect

User Feedback

Could you attach your save file?



Oxygen Not Included Save Files

There are situations where we may ask you for a copy of your save file. You will be able to find your save file in the documents folder at \Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\save_files


Job morale need is determined by the highest job tier your dupe has accomplished. After completing a Tier-5 job, your Catalina will require 16 job morale even though you assign her to a lower job tier.

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Ok I thought about this, but I have other characters that have done the same thing (completing higher tier) and who isnt asking the same amount of morale

The Sticky Asteroid.sav

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Based on job screen in your save file, Catalina is the only person who completed Tier-5. As a result, she requires 16 job morale which is higher than other people.

Hassan completed an Electrical Engineer and Devon completed a Farmer role. Both are Tier-4 and require 12 job morale only.

Other remaining dupes completed Tier-3 so they require 8 job morale to maintain their stress level. 

You can see how many job moral need for each tier at the top of job screen.

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Changed Status to Known Issue

Thanks for the report. The discussion here is correct, that duplicant has a higher maximum level giving them the increased expectation. However, we'd like to improve the UI here so that it's more clear why a duplicant has the expectation that they have!

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