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  1. Hi guys, I don't know if it's a bug but I am not able to make omelette even if I have enough raw egg and the recipe doesnt even show when I click on the grill
  2. Job morale is stuck

    Oh ok then, my bad, I haven't noticed that, thanks for the answer !
  3. Job morale is stuck

    Ok I thought about this, but I have other characters that have done the same thing (completing higher tier) and who isnt asking the same amount of morale The Sticky Asteroid.sav
  4. Hi guys, I encountered a bug yesterday : As you can see Catalina is working as an architect, but weirdly she's needing 16 of morale instead of 8. Every other character are at 8 at this precise job Even if I unemploy her or get her back to aprentice she's asking 16 of morale.And she's getting stressed real quick By the way I feel like the jobs are a bit bugged,sometimes charadcter will go to the job boeard for no reason and throw their hats like unemployed even if I asked nothing. What can I do about all this ? Oh and I tried to put my log files but there aren't any in my folder
  5. Hi guys, I noticed a really weird bug today. I was playing with Webber in a Reign of giants world, I made the seaworther and at the end of spring I travelled to Shipwrecked to pass summer there. After dry/summer I got back day 74 at the start of mild/autumn season (my seasons were aligned). I died really stupidly so I closed the game (I know it's a bit of a cheat but it was a really stupid death ^^). .When I got back I was back to spring at day 54, the food fresh again, but when I paused the game says 73 days. And it only did for my reign of giants file. I verified and my Shipwrecked world is still in mlild season at day 74. It is really weird Normally closing the game works but I did just after the lightning of the touchstone happenned so maybe that's why. Can we do something to go back to day 74 ?
  6. Stuck character

    For my part it happenned just once and I wasnt using any mod I got under the mouth and got stuck, maybe I pressed space I don't remember
  7. Stuck character

    I had the exact same bug with Wolfgang,I found a way out of it. Do what I say in the comment and read the "edit part" :
  8. Roc got me stuck

    Ok, so I tried to use the command "c_gonext("roc_nest")", it got me to the Roc nest, but now I'm still stuck with this stupid face and I still can't do anything. What should I do ? EDIT : I got back to the game to try something else, but now Wolfgang is "unstuck" so if you guys have this problem, try what I did : - Teleport to Roc prefab - Save and quit - Go back
  9. I was playing with Wolfgang 15 min ago, I got to the 2nd island. When I got there, the big bird arrived, I got below his mouth, and when I did Wolfgang got stuck. There is no way tfor me to move, I can only examine the bird (not my objects) and my sanity is draining really really fast. I tried to save and quit but when I got back I was still stucked I know it's early access but iIt really annoys me, it was a good run and now I just cannot play Also 8 times out of 10 I when I start a new game the sound of the world generation stays like 30 seconds after the beginning. Thank you
  10. I noticed a couple of bugs since I got Hamlet a few days ago : - I was playing with warbucks yesterday, and got to day 15 or something, when I went back on the game this morning my file was gone. I went to the morgue to see if the computer counted me dead, but all the death below 25 days were erased (I don't know if it's due to Hamlet) -When I got to the season that happen at day 12, my character felt tired and needed to take off the backpack, when I did the backpack dissapeared and there was no way of finding it back. - And I don't if it's a bug, but all my game files merged from rog to shipwrecked have "shipwrecked" and "DS" written on it instead of ROG and shpwrecked
  11. 2 Caves bug

    Oh.. Ok I absolutely didnt knew that, maybe that's Together that got me confused, anyway thanks !
  12. 2 Caves bug

    Hi guys, I noticed a weird bug today. I was playing in a Reign of giants world, with Wilson, I went to the caves by one cave entrance and never came back, I merge my Rog file with an already existing Shipwrecked file (played with woodlegs). When I came back to Rog I decided to go back to the caves but using an other cave entrance, it created a new cave map, I went back to the other to check out if it has been renewed, but no I now have 2 different caves map