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  1. #. STRINGS.CODEX.B50_MEMORYCHIP.TITLE msgctxt "STRINGS.CODEX.B50_MEMORYCHIP.TITLE" msgid "Duplicant Memory Solution" msgstr "" #. STRINGS.CODEX.B50_MEMORYCHIP.BODY.CONTAINER2 msgctxt "STRINGS.CODEX.B50_MEMORYCHIP.BODY.CONTAINER2" msgid "<indent=5%>Director,\n\nI had a thought about how to solve your Duplicant memory problem.\n\nRather than attempt to access the subject's old memories, what if we were to embed all necessary information for colony survival into the printing process itself?\n\nThe amount of data engineering can store has grown exponentially over the last year. We should take advantage of the technological development.</indent>" msgstr "" The above e-mails in Lore section used the word "Duplicant" instead of "Test Subject". Should this be the first time they were called "Duplicant"? I'm not sure whether this is intended or not.
  2. Try a new building called "Sludge Press", it acts as a new source of water and dirt at early stage of the game. Recipe: 150 kg Mud -> 60 kg Dirt + 50 kg Water 150 kg Polluted Mud -> 60 kg Polluted Dirt + 90 kg Polluted Water
  3. Ah, thanks. That makes sense. Say goodbye to unpowered refrigerator trick.
  4. There are Swampy Delights at the Grill Station. Idle dupes never store them in the assigned refrigerator. However, there is no problem when using Ration Box instead. Attached Pic#1: Swampy Delights left on the floor with Red Sweep Command (Storage Unavailable). Attached Pic#2: An empty refrigerator permits for storing Swampy Delights. Note: Fast Worker Mode: On Sandbox: Enable but never used in this save game Debug: Enable but never used in this save game Edit: Problem solved by feeding power to the refrigerator. It looks like refrigerator in DLC acts differently from the main edition.
  5. Any plan for Thai Localization?
  6. Each Hydroponic Farm has 5kg liquid storage. I think a bottle of 5 kg water is from internal storage in Hydroponic Farm, not the pipe. Mealwood does not need irrigation so any liquid inside Hydroponic Farm will be ejected upon save/load.
  7. Yes. I have debug_enable.txt file in the game directory for testing in certain save game. It should be appeared only if we enable Debug Mode in that save game. Surprisingly, Super Sustainable achievement in Steam is also unlocked with the save game that has a Dev Generator. l
  8. Dev Generator can be built without enabling Debug Mode or Sandbox tool in Testing Branch. Super Sustainable Achievement is unlocked easily with this powerful generator.
  9. Like regular space destination, when sending Research Modules to Temporal Tear. The game unlocked Rare Resource (??????) as Abyssalite and Fullerene (display under World Composition Section in the following image). I sent a Carbo Bay but it returned with an empty storage Imo, Temporal Tear should be composed of Vacuum only. .
  10. Interstellar Ice and Ice Giant use same image on Starmap. In addition, Satellite is an artificial construct that has escaped its orbit. It no longer appears to be monitored (quoted from in-game description). However, its image looks like a comet.
  11. Q: do I need to use a new updated template? A: Yes. Some patch/hotfix may affect the string_template.pot file.
  12. I used other translator' po file for testing. With the same file, my result and his were different. It seemed that there was something wrong on my end. After reinstalled ONI, my problem has been resolved.
  13. I created a testing file to verify that it is un-translatable here: strings.po The file only contains the following strings (no localized font required): 1. #. STRINGS.UI.FRONTEND.NEWGAMESETTINGS.HEADER msgctxt "STRINGS.UI.FRONTEND.NEWGAMESETTINGS.HEADER" msgid "GAME SETTINGS" msgstr "GAME SETTINGS (TESTING BUG)" 2. #. STRINGS.UI.FRONTEND.CUSTOMGAMESETTINGSSCREEN.SETTINGS.CALORIE_BURN.LEVELS.DEFAULT.NAME msgctxt "STRINGS.UI.FRONTEND.CUSTOMGAMESETTINGSSCREEN.SETTINGS.CALORIE_BURN.LEVELS.DEFAULT.NAME" msgid "Default" msgstr "Testing" Here is SS taken while using the testing po file. The word "GAME SETTINGS" is translated according to the testing file while the word "Default" is not translated. Could you test by replaced strings.po into the StreamingAssets/Strings instead of using a pre-installed language file? It seems that the behavior between pre-installed language pack and those from Steam Workshop are different.
  14. all of the above menu/option was once translatable before Meep's Recreation Pack. Now they are not translatable anymore.