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  1. The word "Improved Building" is used in both Farm Station and Power Control Station's description. However, the items listed in Farm Station are Plant. Using a general term likes "Improving:" is more appropriate.
  2. "Storage capacity: 200 Kg" appears twice.
  3. Algae terrarium desc says it produces CO2

    Still pending as of LU-372041. Terrarium removes CO2 at 333.33 mg/s but the description says as if it produces CO2.
  4. Rocket tooltip numbers for resources don't add up

    There are liquid resources in Oily Asteroid. If you install a Liquid Cargo Tank the total amount of retrieved resource will match the resource available.
  5. string issue ( 361648 -> 364722 )

    String in Power Transformer's Build Menu can not be translated. - Input Power Wire - Output Power Wire (Limited to 4 kW) - Enable/Disable <-- A classic bug.
  6. Localization Fix

    Same problem. I am not alone!
  7. Thanks for reporting! I saw this untranslated string and messed up an entire day to find what's going wrong with my po file.
  8. "Infinity" is not available in String_Template.pot file as of Launch Update (Live). Click on Temporal Tear and go to World Mass Available > Replenish/Cycle: Infinite Kg
  9. [LaunchUpdate] String issues

    It should be "Attributes", not "Skills".
  10. [LaunchUpdate] String issues

    #. STRINGS.WORLDS.SURVIVAL_CHANCE.TITLE msgctxt "STRINGS.WORLDS.SURVIVAL_CHANCE.TITLE" msgid "Survival Chance: <color=#{1}>{0}</color></b>" Another harmless tag issue..
  11. Strings-template.pot file in Strings folder is always up-to-date whenever you connect to Steam client and download a new patch.
  12. Supplying icon with arrow should be on the left.
  13. [String] Missing </color> tag

    Okey Dokey, I won't file a bug report for any missing closing tag in the future. Thanks!
  14. #. STRINGS.UI.FRONTEND.METRICS_OPTIONS_SCREEN.DESCRIPTION msgctxt "STRINGS.UI.FRONTEND.METRICS_OPTIONS_SCREEN.DESCRIPTION" msgid "Collecting user data helps us improve the game.\nPlayers who opt out of data collection will no longer send crash reports and play data to the game team.\n\nFor more details on our privacy policy and how we use the data we collect, please visit our <color=#ECA6C9><u><b>privacy center</b></u>." Missing closing tag for <color=#ECA6C9>.
  15. Incorrect Morale on Consumables Menu Tooltips

    The figure in Database or item's description is a quality grade/tier (0, +1, +2, +3, etc.), not a Moral boost. Barbeque Quality: Good (+3) Means Barbeque's quality level is in Good Tier (or +3 Tier). Any food in +3 Tier will provide +8 Morale boost. Very confusing, isn't it?