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  1. Job display issue

    It happens at Unemployed box whenever you hover at dupe who has Current Morale less than Job Morale Needs (inherited from max Job Tier they learnt).
  2. Could you observe Marie's activity at the start of bedtime? In my case, dupes in 2-block downtime shift sometimes spend more than 2-block and lead to not have enough stamina in the following day.
  3. In QoL II they change description of "Water Geyser" from emitting Steam to Water. #. STRINGS.CREATURES.SPECIES.GEYSER.HOT_WATER.DESC I do not have any Water Geyser in my current game. Can anyone help me confirm that the above description is true in QoL II?
  4. All buildings below the line are Industrial Machinery which is not allowed in some rooms. Imo, Metal Refinery, Rock Granulator, Glass Forge and Steam Turbine should be classified as Industrial Machinery too.
  5. Could you provide a screenshot of Job/Role screen esp. Research Assistant job?
  6. reverse the drywall changes

    They change in response to these bugs:-
  7. Can we place crop seed on natural tile and let it grows as wild plant? I saw a Wort Seed on natural tile became Wheezewort after several cycles so I tried to build a wild sleet wheat farm but it never grew up.
  8. Dupe exhales CO2 at the rate of 2 g/s while Algae Terrarium can get rid of CO2 at the rate of 0.333 g/s (333 mg/s). In theory, you will need a total of 6 Algae Terrarium per dupe to maintain CO2 level in your colony. In addition, some machines (such as Natural Gas Generator in your screenshot) emit CO2 at higher rate. You should not rely on Algae Terrarium for CO2 absorption at all.
  9. Food quality of Stuffed Berry is +4. Any regular dupe who eats +4 food quality food item (e.g.Stuffed Berry) will gain +12 morale (less morale if dupe has Gourmet trait but more morale if dupe has Simple Taste trait).
  10. Wrong Database entry

    But when you heat polluted dirt at 1,172.9 degree in game it changes to molten glass as described. The database entry is correct based on in-game behavior.
  11. Wrong Database entry

    What's wrong with it? Polluted Dirt transforms to Molten Glass at 1,172.9 Degree Celsius.
  12. Based on your screenshot, current and next order in Electric Grill UI is "Gristle Berry". Do you have some Gristtle Berry in production queue?
  13. Word between "[" and "]" is not prohibited for translation. You can either translate or keep the original one at your discretion.
  14. Vanishing Water

    According to the clip, newly poured water is compressing into 1000 kg per tile. You should take note the amount of water for each tile in the reservoir before adding water and then check the amount again when water level in the reservoir is stable.
  15. Wow, it's indeed a challenge. I use your save game and do the following: Click on Priority Button [P] and change all priority 9 to 8. This change does not intervene your current game play but may take times to change all of them. Click on Command Capsule and raise its priority number to 9. Open Priority Screen [L] and temporary disable all chore for Catalina (or a dupe that you like). Then, raise priority level of storage chore (the furthest column) to highest level (up-up). Click on Catalina. Her info will pop-up. Then, click on "Move to" Button and order her to come closer to an atmo suit on floor (near Exosuit Forge). Wait and pray that she will pick a suit and go straight to the rocket before downtime. If she goes somewhere else, there may be some priority 9 somewhere that need to be changed to 8. Just click on her and click on "Follow Cam" to see where she is heading to, decrease its priority and repeat step 4-5 again. After a successful delivery, open Priority Screen [L] and change Catalina's chore back to normal and revert all priority 8 to 9 (I would suggest leaving them at 8).