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Jet Suits not craftable

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I switched to the QoL branch yesterday (Q1-298192) and continued my cycle ~100 game.

Today I've researched Jet Suits, crafted Refined Carbon, Lime, and Steel, but I cannot craft any Jet Suits. The Exosuit Forge only shows Atmo Suit as craft option. I've rebuilt the Forge, reloaded the save, restarted the game, but the problem remains.

Was there a change to Jet Suits that's not in the patch notes?

Steps to Reproduce
Research Jet Packs, craft Refined Carbon, Lime, Steel, then try to craft Jet Suits.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

As the dev say, you need bottled petroleum. If you dont have that yet, the recipe will not show at all (like very recipe you dont have discovered the materials yet). 

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Oh snap. It was the bottled petroleum. I had my petroleum lines set up, hooked up to the docks, everything. But I had none in bottles this run. So that's my fault, not a game issue, Bug report invalid.


Is the recipe not even showing up in the list

It isn't even in the list. This questions if hiding any recipes with missing resources (which is definitely different in the QoL branch) is a good idea. In this case, a player unaware of Jet Suits will never discover those if he doesn't spill (and mop up) petroleum at some time. That's odd when you think about it.

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I wouldn't call the report invalid. :) Feedback about when you're confused about something, or when something doesn't seem to be working, is also very important. After all, each time we put in a feature, we additionally have to make it comprehensible and usable before it actually "works" for players.  We'll try making the recipe discovery more sensible for Jet Suits. Thanks!

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Changed Status to Fixed

In the next update, Jet Suit recipe will appear as soon as you unlock the Jet Suit tech item.

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