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Jet suits and voles sometimes teleporting

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Not sure how did that happen, but I have a tame vole that is encased in abyssalite and a jet suiter in intact natural tile pocket.

Pretty sure both of those happened when the terrain nearby was changing in some way. In case of vole, it was probably meteors, while jet suit either got bugged due to nearby dupes digging or due to water shower disabling jetting.



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No idea

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I also have experience of Vole's impossible escaping. and your Jetsuit Dupe... wow I can't imagine how he got there. really want to see the scene.

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Changed Status to Known Issue

Changed Redmine to https://redmine.klei.com/issues/4365

Regarding Voles, there is a change coming in the next hotfix which should prevent them from passing very hard materials, including abyssalite and refined metals.

Regarding the Jetsuit, that's extremely odd, we'll look in to it. If you happen to have a save from before or after it happened it may help out as well!

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