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Insulated Tiles not heating from liquids or much slower then expected.

The Flying Fox
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My testing tonight in the preview branch has lead me to believe that insulated tiles are possibly bugged when it comes to accepting heat from liquids.  Both magma and hot petroleum apparently are not heating them as much as gases due.  It's possible this effects the live branch as well, but I'd have to go back to test it.




As you can see, the tile that's touching the hot hydrogen is heating to some amount, yet the tile just below it touching the magma is not.  Even the tile inside the magma is still at it's default 20C temperature.  I made sure to save the game and reload it, but the bug still remains.  Just below this tank I build a containment tank for steam and this had the expected effect of heating the ceramic tiles some what, but another next to it that I loaded with hot petroleum, the containing ceramic tiles do not heat.  The ceramic insulated tiles touching those obsidian tiles are being slightly heated, so it definitely seems like it's just the transfer from liquids that's effected.  I have attached the save file in question.  I did also test with insulated obsidian tiles and got the same result.


One would expect that dense hot liquids would easily heat these ceramic tiles somewhat, better then gases, for sure.


Steps to Reproduce
Build a tank out of any insulated tiles. Dump hot liquid into it and watch as the insulated tiles don't heat.

User Feedback

I think this behavior has been around for a long time and we just haven't taken note of it. I get the same thing reverting to RU.

Despite being quite old, this thread still seems largely accurate.

Piping has changed slightly. Cell/building appears to be unchanged (or only minorly changed). I've independently arrived at the same equations for those through experimentation. Assuming the cell/cell info is mostly correct, there is a 25x multiplier between gases and solids which doesn't exist between liquids and solids. Presumably this is for gameplay reasons, but it can cause odd situations.


The devs really ought to redo heat transfer as it's a janky, kludgy, unintuitive mess. For example, a cold building in hot surroundings can behave vastly differently than a hot building in cold surroundings, everything else being exactly the same. This should absolutely not be the case.

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Thanks @wachunga I suspected this was the case.  It always has seemed to me that the performance insulated tiles was always inconstant and that thread explains it nicely.  I remembered it from a while ago but.. well, it's been a while since I've read it!  :D  It's good to know that ceramic insulated tiles will be good enough to contain hot liquids for the time being and I suppose I can agree with that.  If liquid-to-tile transfer was as fast as the gas-to-tile transfer, then just about no insulated tiles would stand a chance against containing the heat from any hot liquid.  Those puppies would heat up quick!  

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