Inifinite loop Ingenuous Rock falling over and over

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After digging an ingenuous rock the falling collectible item, just keeps falling over. You can see the huge mass of the accumulation on the screenshot. I do not know what triggered that.

Once it stopped, I saved but after loading the save file the ingenuous rock fell again endlessly.UpmVAv.jpg

Steps to Reproduce
I do not manage to reproduce it.

User Feedback

This usually happens when a material goes through phase change. I've seen it quite often when generating steam from contaminated water where you get bouncing balls of dirt that constantly grow in mass every bounce.

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Further to this:

Dirt is affected.

No idea what started it, seemed to be falling out of my large battery/wire square.

Few grams at a time, and it tied up 1-2 Dupes constantly while they fed the research bench a few dozen grams at a time...

Bonus video!

I dismantled the battery, the wire, the tile below it and the dirt below that. Nothing, still infinitely spawns a few grams per second.

infini-dirt bug.flv

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