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  1. Not sure when it appeared, but there was a composter there previously
  2. Dupes won't build tiles

    UPDATE to this - I have noticed that the problem sometimes goes away if I place one tile order at a time (its not an issue of them being able to reach the tile though, there is always ladder access), or if i cancel and replace the order. I also have noticed that the scheduled blocks read as -31C.
  3. Click-drag outcome on a single click

    as if the button gets stuck
  4. Dupes won't build tiles

    The Systematic Cantaloupe.sav
  5. Dupes won't build tiles

    This ended this particular colony, and happened more than once. It occurs when I destroy large sections of floor tile and tried to replace them with either mesh or gaseous exchange tiles. In the screen shot all tiles are set to priority 9 with no other tasks. Earlier, I had dupes standing idle next the the blocks, stressed out because they couldn't move. The materials were delivered and the status said construction pending. In all cases, there was nothing I could do to get the dupes to build the tiles even though they were walking over the area and had the resources to do so.
  6. I destroyed the wire leading to a floor lamp but the light carried on working.
  7. Sometimes the dupes will travel great distances to collect water or dirt, even if there is a closer water source or storage compactor that they could use. Not clear what causes this.
  8. This usually happens when I am building/diging. I click once and it results in a click and drag as if the button was held down.
  9. Inifinite loop Ingenuous Rock falling over and over

    I had a similar problem - dirt blocks bouncing up and down on two spaces next to each other. This was material from deconstructed tiles