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Infinite scrolling to right direction

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Ok, so i started the game today. Installed it, changed the controls to adapt them for my keyboard (nothing special, just the direction for azerty instead of qwerty.), and started a game. And my game was scrolling forever in the right direction, no way to return to the base portal. So i reseted controls, started a new game and same issue. Save and load changed nothing.

After quiting the game and started it again, the issue was gone.

It's totally possible it's some error i done, not a bug with the game, and all seems to works fine now. But just in case i post it here.

Steps to Reproduce
Start the game, create a new save, infinite scrolling to the right, issue gone after quit and restart. Not sure if not just human error.

User Feedback

Still happens in Occupational upgrade

Just press the "D" key then release it. the scrolling will stop. then press "H" to go back to your base.

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