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Incubator does not save state

  • Branch: Live Branch Version: Linux Pending

When an incubator loads from a saved game, the "CONTINUOUS" button is always reset to be checked even if it was turned off in prior to the last save.

Steps to Reproduce
Build an incubator. Uncheck "CONTINUOUS". Save Game. Exit. Load Game. Check the status of the incubator.

User Feedback

The incubator also resets to the last egg you put in it when you load a save. Incubate an egg and then set the incubator to be empty and save the game. After reloading, the 'continuous' button will be set (as you indicated) AND the incubator will be set to load an egg of the last type incubated. WHile I know that this behavior happens when an egg of the appropriate type is currently sitting around, I DON'T know if it will do this if no egg is available.

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This is rather frustrating. I'm going to have to wait until this bug is resolved to continue playing, as my power and food both come from hatches and if incubators don't function properly it will just be too much of a headache to manually reset them every time.

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