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Hydrogen generator duct work missing

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Had a happy base going and finally got oxygen generating but of course developed a hydrogen problem. Researched the hydrogen generator but discovered it needs duct work and even though I've done all of the research possible for many cycles now (and two game restarts just in case that did anything) I do not have the ability to construct the necessary equipment to have a working generator.

ONI no ducts 1.jpg

ONI no ducts 3.jpg

ONI no ducts 2.jpg


Steps to Reproduce
I was playing the game and noticed features others have were missing for me

User Feedback

4 minutes ago, Vilda said:

Air ducts are under plumbing, scroll down.

Holy cow. Thanks (wish I'd known this 30 cycles ago, feeling dumb)

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I kind of wish the air ducts were under a different tab than plumbing. I don't like having to scroll down a lot while building air systems.

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