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Heat Doesn't Transfer Off-Screen

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This was happening before I loaded the QOL2 beta branch today, as well.


I built a igneous rock cooler to take magma that had solidified and been dropped out of my oil cooker and cool it down to feed to stone hatches and build with. It works perfectly fine when it is on screen. The rock comes out as cold as I set the supercoolant to. But when I go to work on something else in my base, thus placing the build off screen, something about the heat stops transferring in the build and the rock comes out at 600-1000C, like it's not dumping any heat.

I do have some mods enabled, but they are aesthetic only (overlays, furniture, etc). Nothing that affects temperature or any mechanical things like that.





Steps to Reproduce
Take hot material and run it through a cooler. It works when on screen, but fails when not on screen.

User Feedback

I don't doubt you're actually having an issue here. But what's with the green tinge on the POI tiles? Maybe i'm just seeing ****, if you're running modded, you should report the behaviour to the mod makers instead. Just saying.

If not then just ignore that - since you can reproduce this problem without mods running then you've got a genuine test branch bug.

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There are a few aesthetic mods on there but nothing that affects materials or heat exchanges. This was happening before I went on the test branch and on unmodded games. I also found another thread with this issue.

I feel like it's a genuine bug because the system will work completely fine while on screen, but within a minute of looking elsewhere, the heat doesn't transfer. I get -50C Igneous rock, look somewhere at another project, look back 5 minutes later, and it's putting out 800C rock. I can literally watch the thermo sensor climb back up from where it was around 230C to 350+ when I move back onto the screen.


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