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Hatch Eats Duplicants

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you know how the hatch creature eats resources during the night.  well they stick around a little while after everyone wakes up and I saw it eat a duplicant as he was running on the power wheel.  and the "-resource" text appeared.  

I only discovered this after losing two Duplicants before him and not having a clue as to their fate.  The hatch also wasn't hostile to the duplicants when they passed by it so I thought I would keep it around to produce a little coal for me.  (little did I know it was a silent killer).

Steps to Reproduce
Keep the hatch alive and have your duplicants perform stationary tasks like running the hamster wheel or making food after everyone wakes up. that is ussually when the hatch is still around after morning. I also had bare rock next to my tiles that he would go and burrow each day.

User Feedback

Gonna be really pissed if I find out they are targeting duplicants because they have the Solid tag.

Goddammit that's what it's doing.

For reference as they walk along they are checking if they are walking by an "edible".
If there is one, they check if they are hungry. If they are hungry they move into an eating state.

Once they are in an eating state they check for the "edible" again.
After they acquire it they remove "mass" from the edible.
They mark their last meal's name and element. Like "Fred", and "Duplicant".
If the "edible" they found is not edible, then they figure out an arbitrary food value and destroy the "food".

Here is the list of tags that qualify: "Ore", "Edible", "Raw Minerals", "Solid"
Oh but they refuse to eat coal.

By the way you can't save your duplicant by changing their state.
There is no LiquidDuplicant element. Even if there was the temperature needed is marked at 9726.85C.

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After reverse engineering the save format, I have found it's FAR worse.

Every duplicant is an ElementChunk. A chunk of Duplicant. Why.

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