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Ghost electrical lines being drawn

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Serene Oblivion.sav

Save file attached.

I was drawing power wires between the auto-sweeper (point A) and the conveyor loader (point b). Left click to start drawing wires at point A, and then release left click at point B to end the wire. The drawing didn't release in 2 of the 8 instances, causing the wires to continue to draw. Repeated left clicks cycled the draw command, as you can see at the bottom of the screen shot with the multiple numbers. These ghost lines were not actually added to build errand list, cannot be selected, and cannot be cleared.


I have seen this issue rarely for several months, maybe up to a year, but this is the first time it has happened so specifically and repeatably.

Steps to Reproduce

Left click to start drawing electrical line, drag to destination, release left click. Electrical lines continue to be drawing, left click only starts new ghost lines. The only way to stop repeated drawing of power lines is to right click. Power lines cannot be selected or cancelled. A reload of the save clears out the ghost images.

User Feedback

This generally happens with pipes and wires when I'm building and accidentally drag over the build menu it sometimes glitches like that.

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Yes that is exactly what i see, when building over the build menu or Icons for sweep, mop etc.

once the ghost image is there you cannot remove it.

it also happens when selecting dig or cancel and drawing an area and clicking in the corners or bottom edge of the screen, in which case you also get the number displayed on a tile in orange or red.

it is not always reproducible.

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