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  1. I also can confirm this is an issue in QOL3
  2. As a qualified verification engineer, this is incorrect. Anything that detracts from user experience in a negative way, is a bug.
  3. I have an Thermo Aquatuner setup with the output looping back to the input until a set temperature is reached <15c then redirect the output. I noticed this was malfunctioning, whenever the power level reached 0 and some time later was re-enabled. This issue occurs also after a reload. The Behaviour is that when a water packet arrives at the water thermo sensor, One square to the right of the Aquatuner, the aquatuner turns on, shows the animation of it processing water, but nothing exits. the Water packet then takes another route. In the attached file I have modified the loop so that two water packets now continuously loop around an outer loop, and the Aquatuner is permanently enabled via the automation wire. this issue is not due to the automation wire turning off periodically. I am able to correct the behaviour each time i break the outer loop so the water has no other direction to go but through the aquatuner, Update: having a single packet doesn't work but it will process the second and subsequent packets of water under some conditions. the root cause is the bypass after the inlet of the aquatuner. maybe this is just a limitation of the design and cannot be done this way. aqua_bug.sav
  4. Pedestal decor resets after save/load

    I can also replicate this bug, removing the item and placing it back on the pedestal restores granite from 6 to 12 decor