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Gaseous element sensors do not consume electricity

Anton L
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I was trying to "catch" moment when they consume electricity , but they are always 0/25 W

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The element sensors take an instantaneous amount of power, basically nothing. They only use power for a single tick, which I think (unconfirmed) is 1/5 of a second.

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I can definitely confirm they don't use power, unless they only do under some obscure conditions.

I ran an experiment with two full batteries; one is connected to 100 gaseous element sensors, and the other is my control which is connected to nothing. I also had a mix of co2 and oxygen in 1 tile height tubes, just in case power is consumed on state change.

Then I waited a few cycles. And then I found out that... well... both batteries never differed at all.

It was expected, since daily reports show no power being used by gaseous sensors.

If a single sensor constantly consumed power, that would total to 15 kJ a day (25 W x 600 s).

But what if it doesn't use constant power, and it uses so little power that it doesn't even show in the report? Well... in that case, let's assume less than 1 J is produced daily...

If they consumed power for a single tick every 1/5 of a second, that means they would consuming 5 W or 3 kJ a day, so we're still way off.

Actually, it would take at max 1 / 15,000 of a second (0.00167 W) every second over a day to produce 1 J.
Or it takes 25 cycles for them to take 1 second of power.


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This is basically the same as the shut-off valves, they do not consume any power either, which that has been known for a long while.  I have never seen them show up in daily reports along with the gaseous element sensors.  I'd assume that this is working-as-intended.. for now. 


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