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Gas vents overpressure above 2kg

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Current Dev-Build;

Gas vents (not the high-pressure ones) build up pressures way over the normal 2kg. I´ve got a room with 11kg oxygen, with no other possible gas input than a normal gas vent. I assume this behavior is related to the "not working as intended if offscreen".

Steps to Reproduce
Build a room, make the only gas input a gas vent, go offscreen and wait.

User Feedback

Screenshots and save file would be very useful. My guess is that your vent is located, even intermittently, in a gas that is less than 2kg. This allows the vent to expel the gas, which then adds to the gas that is already above 2kg.

It's essentially a version of the gas vent in less than 2kg of liquid exploit, just with gasses.

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That may be the case. Have to investigate that, if there is some polluted oxygen floating around... 

Problem is, the current save is instable since the last patch. Have to find the issue for that first.

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The matter can be closed. In fact there was an small pocket of POX floating around that i missed. 

As for the unstable game, this was a prior version starting save, that may cause problems with the newer game code. I´ve started a new round, and see what will happen. If something is wierd, i´ve come back to haunt you guys^^ For now, this may be closed.

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