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Gas Pump & Pressure Wonkiness

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The Gas Pump seems to act in a very frustrating manor particularly when it doesn't want to shunt gas into the ductwork or complains about the lack of gas in a room that is obviously filled with gas, particularly applying to setups where a room is set aside with electrolyzers and a pump to filter hydrogen out. 


Steps to Reproduce
Make a small, airtight room Place electrolyzers (with required resources connected) and a gas pump (connected to ductwork and power) Eventually after awhile the gas pump should complain about the pump not being in gas

User Feedback

Thanks for filing this, was going to but you already beat me to it.  I've since been somewhat successful with making working gas pumps.  Here's some more detail:

1) They still cycle off an on all the time, but at least they seem to be doing work.  Why do they create a vacuum pocket?  Shouldn't the surrounding gas prevent a vacuum from forming?

2) If I have a gas filter connected after them (e.g. to filter out say hydrogen from oxygen in a room with an electrolyzer), it rarely seems to deliver gas to both branches.  Sometimes I'll see oxygen being output but no hydrogen.  Other times it'll be hydrogen but no oxygen.  Once I got it to do both.  In all cases I had the exact same base setup.

3) A combination of rebuilding the pump/filter and reloading the game seems to make things work differently, triggering/fixing various gas related bugs.


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Liquid and Gas pumps do not switch between types of fluids. Whatever is the first gas or liquid they pump is the only thing they'll pump until you save and reload the game or destroy and rebuild the pump.


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