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  1. Next I just saved and reloaded, and now the water meter is showing 158k and 24k. Closer to what I expected but still higher than I think it should be. Definitely something buggy going on here.
  2. Ok, more data... I've been playing more, just checked my water meter and it looks totally incorrect. I should have approximately 50k of water and 15k of contaminated water by counting up all the amounts in the liquid cells that are accessible to my duplicants (notice I made sure to build the pools so that all the water is accessible to the duplicants), but the meter is showing 289k and 53k? Now I'm just totally confused.
  3. Ok, so I understand what the 'available water' meter means now, but it's very unintuitive: the amount of water *in liquid cells reachable by a duplicants' gun*. Instead, I expected if a duplicant could reach any cell in a pool of water, the amount of water in the whole pool would be included in the meter. I attached two files showing the difference. In one, I have some extra ladder tiles and you can see the meter shows more liquid as available, 18k vs 14k. I would have expected in both cases to see the same amount, the entire contents of the pool, which is somewhere around 56k. Now this also makes sense why the number would change so much during a playthrough unexpectedly. If a wide pool of water rises or falls, a large number of liquid cells may change from reachable to non-reachable or vice versa, which would result in change to the liquid meter. If I build a ladder into a pool of deep water, the meter would go up significantly. If I remove a ladder from a pool of water, the meter would drop. If possible, I would definitely recommend that if a duplicant can reach any cell in a pool of water, the amount of water in the entire pool should be included in the 'water' meter. I think that's what most people would expect it to read, and a much more useful metric than what it is currently. If this isn't possible, it would be helpful to have a tooltip clarifying that the 'water' meter only includes liquid cells reachable by a duplicants' gun.
  4. Hmm, it varied by so much it seemed like there was something broken (i specfically remember 150k -> 250k -> 90k) , but I'll pay more attention next time I play and see if I can come up with anything more concrete for you. When you say accessible, does that mean there has to be a valid path to it, or does it just have to be visible (i.e. not obscured by the 'fog of war'?).
  5. Last play through I noticed that the upper right also shows you an amount of water. I assumed this meant the amount of water you had available to your duplicants, and so I started to keep an eye on it to track how much water I was using as I went through the cycles. Originally it seemed fine in that it was gradually decreasing, but then I started noticing it jump up and down by quite a bit. I never *saw* it change by a significant amount, but I would check it a few cycles later and it would be +/- a significant amount. It wasn't clear why it was going up or down so much, I wasn't doing much exploring at the time, so I'm not sure if it's broken or I'm just interpreting it correctly. Does it indicate all water visible on the map? Water accessible to your duplicants? Something else? A hover tooltip would fix my confusion and help me understand if it's broken or inaccurate. Right now it just says 'available water'.
  6. While playing the game, items that support building with different materials (e.g. ladders, tile) change their default material. Suddenly, I'll be building ladders with obsidian instead of sandstone, and I'll use up all my obsidian unintentionally. I can switch it back by selecting a more plentiful material, but I have to do that for each individual option which is a pain since I'll keep making the mistake (oops, gotta fix tiles too!). The new selection sticks until saving/reloading, at which point it'll be reset again on me to something I don't typically want.
  7. Thanks for filing this, was going to but you already beat me to it. I've since been somewhat successful with making working gas pumps. Here's some more detail: 1) They still cycle off an on all the time, but at least they seem to be doing work. Why do they create a vacuum pocket? Shouldn't the surrounding gas prevent a vacuum from forming? 2) If I have a gas filter connected after them (e.g. to filter out say hydrogen from oxygen in a room with an electrolyzer), it rarely seems to deliver gas to both branches. Sometimes I'll see oxygen being output but no hydrogen. Other times it'll be hydrogen but no oxygen. Once I got it to do both. In all cases I had the exact same base setup. 3) A combination of rebuilding the pump/filter and reloading the game seems to make things work differently, triggering/fixing various gas related bugs.
  8. I've had this problem too. Gas pumps just have a lot of issues I think. A combination of reloading/rebuilding the gas pump/gas filter sometimes will get both sides flowing, and once that happens, it'll continue to work until you load the game again.