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Game won't load - Something with Unity

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Yesterday I purchased Oni and it played fine. Today I tried to start OnI, this small window will pop up and disappear in a split second. Something about Unity. Have reinstalled Oni, verified my files and updated my drivers but still not working.

I have my output_log.txt and DxDiag.txt attached. 



Fout Oxygen Not Included.png


Steps to Reproduce
Bought the game yesterday and installed it. It worked fine. Today I started it up and the game won't even load anymore.

User Feedback

Also the log mentions 'overlay', it might be related to the Steam in game overlay. I've seen a few users found that disabling the Steam overlay can fix issues, so it might be worth a try to see if we can narrow it down.

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It worked yesterday with the testing branche, but today the same message pops up. The same happens when I disable the Steam overlay. 


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