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Engie's Tune Up buff does not increase energy production on Steam Turbine

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Hi, I'm playing the current development version and I have a power plant room consisting of 3 steam turbines. As soon as the first one got the "Engie's Tune Up" buff I checked to see the increase in power production, and despite having the buff and being listed as producing up to "1.28 kW" The actual power coming out of the turbine is unaffected by the 50% buff. The number of the mouse overlay is "Current Wattage 633.59 W" and a few positions below in the same overlay "Engie's Tune Up". If I hover over "Wattage" in the lower right popup window I get a mouse overlay that says the turbine is running at 75% of full capacity. 75% of full capacity with Engie's Tune Up should be around 950 W, not 633 W!

(Attached is a screenshot of the same situation happening to the second turbine at a later point)



Steps to Reproduce
Build a power plant. Install a working steam turbine inside. Apply the Engie's Tune Up buff. Observe the text overlay indicating energy production: it doesn't increase after the buff. Check the building's properties: you will see the Engie's Tune Up buff is applied, but it does not affect the energy production of the turbine.
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User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Here's a savefile from the time this problem cropped up (it's not the same as from my other bug report, this one is from many cycles earlier)


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I confirm this happens to me as well. Sorry to necropost but still something that needs to be brought up.

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