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Duplicants won't use Lavatory

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That's it. They just don't use it. I've triple checked and everything is connected, there's pumped water available to flush, an area for the contaminated water, etc. Thankfully, they can still use outhouses, but it's still rather annoying.

Steps to Reproduce
Just make a lavatory and connect it up.
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User Feedback

If the lavatory's error message is:

"In use" - you got contaminated water in the input pipe that broke your lavatory (needs lavatory rebuilding)

"empty pipe" - not getting input water

"not pumping" - your output pipe is full/oversaturated, need to rework it. (dont forget even if the pipe is empty, it can be still reserved by other output ports on the same line towards the contaminated water input port)

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Exactly the same problem. Everything's connected and working just fine, but instead of using lavatories, they pee on the floor one after another like the lavatories weren't there.

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