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Duplicants won't take filtration media to a automation-disabled water sieve

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See repro steps.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Make a water sieve and attach a clock sensor to it via automation. 2. Enable the water sieve with the clock sensor. 3. Set the priority on the water sieve until a dupe is confirmed via the errands list to be on the way to install sand. 4. Disable the water sieve with the clock sensor. 5. The supply job will be canceled and won't be rescheduled. I expect that the job will happen even if the sieve is disabled. The specific case that bit me involved wanting to collect polluted water during the "day" and sieve it at "night". You can't actually do this now, because once you run out of sand in the sieve it's game over. I can imagine the electric grill working the same way (haven't checked), but it seems natural to me that disabling the grill would prevent cooking materials to be brought to the grill, and less natural that disabling a sieve would prevent restock with sand. A sieve can run at night and a grill can't so maybe the distinction is between buildings that require dupe attention and buildings that don't. Maybe I'm just wrong. If so, my apologies and sorry I wasted your time.

User Feedback

I came here to note the coal generator problem but see that another user has reported it. That's worth that the water sieve problem. I have to use a smart battery to obtain a really wide window and hope that someone is passing by.

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