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Duplicants with persistent zero hitpoints

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Duplicants in my base are walking around with zero hitpoints and the Severe Wounds debuff. They don't seem to recover any hitpoints from medical treatment (pharma chamber or medical bed). These duplicants were previously (I believe) incapacitated from interacting with a volcano.

Is this a defect or is there something specific that I need to do to help these dupes recover?

I posted this in the General Forums and was advised to post it here as a bug report: 

Save file:



Steps to Reproduce
I'm not entirely sure. It's possible that some duplicants may have become incapacitated while carrying other incapacitated duplicants to medical beds. That's just a guess though.

User Feedback

This is due to the fact that when brought to the med bay after being incapacitated, they automatically recover a decimal of their health, so small that the game is incapable of displaying it. 

I'd recommend unchecking all the job boxes, so that they can't do anything until they recover.

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It could also be an issue with Pharma Chambers, because they don't restore hp but an incapacitated dupe can be taken there.  Once there the dupe just returns to work like nothing ever happened.

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