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  1. I was playing around with schedules and realized that the scheduler gives warnings if certain conditions aren't met. Travaldo is placed on an all downtime schedule, but the only warning is for no sleep. I think there should be a warning for no work shift assigned here which does show up if the duplicant is placed on a all bedtime schedule.
  2. I finally built a telescope, hooked up power and oxygen, and my scientist goes in there to do research. I realize it can't do any research without glass, It just hasn't been delivered yet. Why didn't Hassan go get it before starting? Apparently Oxygen is all it needs to run, despite him being in an exosuit. Any other research station is disabled without the proper resource and the scientist should be going to get it to do the research. Progress has been slow with meteors every cycle, and he keeps getting sunburn. How am I supposed to protect him from that?
  3. It could also be an issue with Pharma Chambers, because they don't restore hp but an incapacitated dupe can be taken there. Once there the dupe just returns to work like nothing ever happened.
  4. I finally got a Dupe with Night owl So I checked out the bonuses received to each skill And this one is even weirder
  5. I've seen a sweeper do this too attempting to move milligrams or micrograms of food into a fridge. Never seemed to actually put any in there, but at those amounts it would take a long time to move it. Deconstruct the box and rebuild it solves that problem.
  6. I've had this happen with construction too, it seems the gun never appears an the action never gets performed. A move order breaks it. I had several times where a dupe was stuck in sleeping animation, but wasn't sleeping to recover stamina. Anyway it seems to happen most often just outside of view, and could be a problem with timing and animation during scrolling.
  7. This can also happen if the dupe cannot reach their bed and fall asleep on the floor. Give them a move order during the night, and the dupes will return to that spot as if it was their bed.
  8. Med Bay max size is 96 tiles. It needs a washing station.
  9. Early is supposed to apply a bonus +2 to all skills in the morning. Shown here is the bonus applied to strength. However, Kindness, Farming, and Ranching do not receive this bonus.
  10. When this happened to me, the dupes lost their snazzy suit. This is probably the source of the refined carbon.
  11. Seen this too, deconstructing then reconstructing the fridge fixes it as well. The sweeper/Dupe tries to pick up a very small amount, but never actually does so.
  12. Managed to capture a pic of this. During the eating animation, Banhi has four bobtails. Seems like the hat hair and no-hat hair are overlapping. Doesn't happen during sleeping or showering though. Could also affect other dupes, she is just the most obvious out of the ones in my base.
  13. Happened upon loading back into the game after posting this. Seems to be the one certain time to get it with lavatories. Still wish it would tell me when they weren't working.
  14. The restroom out of order popped up in the message area telling that Ada wants to use a restroom that is out of order. This is what i find. As you can see, Ada is in one of the lavatories and is currently using it. When i'm using outhouses, this warning lets me know if they need to cleaned/filled and isn't getting done. With Lavatories, the input of water could empty or the output blocked, the warning never shows. My first indication of problems with the lavatory is "Made a Mess." By the time the problem is found and corrected, several other "Messes" will have been made. This is a good warning to have and seems to work fine with outhouses, however it does not with lavatories. This error should show when lavatories are not usable, not when in use. I've never had this warning when lavatories were unusable. I've seen this happen over several updates, and do not know how to reliably make the "when in use" error show up.
  15. I found this a bit strange, since broken pipes do not allow pumping anymore, the Metal refinery now stores its coolant. It also seems to bring back the old bug of output constantly increasing. This was much easier to notice using a coolant other than Polluted Water as it offgasses when inside the Metal Refinery. Using Empty Storage or deconstructing that refinery will now lead to a steam-splosion. Save File for reference Spacerock.sav