Duplicants Starves Despite Food Available

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I recently came across this situation where the duplicants just refuse to eat the meal lice despite there are plenty of them. The notification shows that there are unreachable food but that does not make sense since I still can order the duplicant to the mealwood farm to harvest meal lice. I attempted to revert to 10 cycles earlier, this situation still repeated. None of the duplicants are blocked or isolated away from the base and the food source.


Steps to Reproduce
There is no significant exploration, excavation or construction. Just daily managing where duplicants moving around to maintain the system in power, water and oxygen production. I have secured a natural gas geyser and steam geyser since around 80th cycle and now it is around 166th cycle. Everyone has been pretty happy without lacking anything. There are plenty of food which the fridge is always full until recent cycles which the duplicant would harvest SOME of the mealwood but they would not eat them nor store them.

Status: Pending

This issue has not been confirmed by a developer yet.

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