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  1. Totally agree. As soon as I breach the surface I dump all metals out of my storage containers. It gets frustrating with the steaming hot granite on the surface as well. Another solution I thought of was to have a duplicant checkpoint that disallows them to bring materials through. I would put one of those in any toasty areas I don't want them bringing hot materials out of.
  2. I have two bottomless stomach dupes and they trigger the starvation alarm two times per cycle. I don't want to drown them in a puddle =( I think it happens b/c meal time scales proportionally to number of calories consumed. Can't they all just have the same meal time regardless of the number of calories consumed? Constant starvation alarms make it unplayable.
  3. I set door permissions so that patients can't get out of sick bay, but even if there's food in there, they won't recognize it. They will only get food outside sick bay. Meanwhile all other dupes come in and take food from sick bay fridge. This is very annoying because if I release door permissions they become "runaway patients."
  4. CO2 disappearing!

    so I have to build a water lock on every single door if I don't want this to happen?
  5. CO2 disappearing!

    All co2 is disappearing. Sealed mealwood farm had avg 350g/m² co2, then I got a food shortage alarm, it had dropped to <140g/m² co2. Likewise, my base has been sealed for like 30 cycles, and the co2 is just not accumulating. Of course I don't mind vanishing co2 in my base, but it causes in problems in farms. Am I missing something?
  6. Brought on a dupe, the first thing he did was go to medbay and start chewing on some vitamin chews. He had 97% immunity when he came into the world. Intended?
  7. GP wall tile negates "latrine" status

    Everything stopped reporting as a room, relog fixed it.
  8. If this is intended, why doesn't mesh door do the same thing?
  9. I started playing oil preview, game said "mouse scroll down" was bound to two controls - zoom-out and some debug control - and I said ok fine b/c I wasn't using debug. After 15 minutes I couldn't zoom out, went to controls and zoom-out was bound to nothing.
  10. Duplicants Starves Despite Food Available

    Did you change food permissions, job permissions, or door permissions recently?
  11. Dupes seem to be able to pass through any mesh door that I've disallowed permissions on
  12. I never switched them to disable harvest.
  13. Bubbles gets stuck in this animation over and over - just bubbles. It's happened to her twice now.