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  1. Thank you! Dupes used to smile all the time (while on the way to do jobs). Then they would be straight-faced while working. It was perfect. I will never choose an early bird because they look creepy in the mornings. They just smile all the time no matter what.
  2. wierd water flow

    You got it. If you get enough in one place fresh water will rise to the top.
  3. With this update, the added dimension of "interests" was the straw that broke the camel's back. (That, and the fact that the deck now seems to be stacked against learners.) A major part of gameplay is now clicking the "shuffle" button before a game. It officially takes too long. I used to start new colonies all the time, now I dread the startup screen.
  4. I was not enjoying the jobs system until you pointed this out. Thx!
  5. World Rename

    And also maybe add some more cheerful names to the world name generator. Things aren't so bad, guys
  6. Alt+S will help you
  7. E.g. during eating and sleeping times. They cover up too much of a dupe's individuality. I start to forget what they look like, especially on the ones whose hairstyles get completely covered. Then all you have to go by is skin color and eyebrows/eyelashes, if they have any.
  8. Yeah, they are a little loud.
  9. Yeah, I wish they would just suck it up and put in a 1-wide hatch already. Horizontal doors are janky.
  10. Yeah I have noticed that (for the last couple updates) the spawning algorithm seems to say "no cold biomes adjacent to start." It used to be different. It is a little boring knowing that every direction you go is going to be a hot or swamp biome.
  11. has to be a big(ish) water pool too. I enclosed mine in an abyssalite box and it turned all the water into steam XD