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Duplicant won't use Massage table

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I don't know if this is bug or not, but the for reason refuse to use the massage table for some reason.

I tried putting everything on priority one, while the tables on nine but they still wouldst use them.

I even tried to deselected all jobs, but still no one use some even idle, which was weird considering.


Steps to Reproduce
Was just playing normally from what I know. The only thing I could think of was that avoided any duplicants with the destructive stress response, as that trait kind of annoyed me, as it was easier and cheaper to mop then repair.
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User Feedback

Mine is on 73% rn and even with no jobs selected he doesnt wants to use it..


Problem Solved: I just needed to 'print' another Dupe. He couldn't handle the work. So, Ryuuohjin, just print another Dupe and i think you'll probably be fine. (Make another backup in case i'm not right)

Edited by Xerhion
1st: URL pasted wrong 2nd: Solved the problem
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