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  1. The duplicants' guns sometimes glitch out as shown in the image attached:
  2. For some reason, my dupes won't do an assigned task and will just idle for no reason. Like the dupe can build, but despite the task being reachable, having sufficient resources, and set on a high priority, the dupe stays idle.
  3. Maybe some screenshots would help some of us understand.
  4. It would probably help the developers if you uploaded the log files. Just go to the main ONI directory, then go to "OxygenNotIncluded_Data", and there should be a text file that says "output_log.txt" A lot of the info from the logs can help developers determine what's wrong.
  5. Commanding duplicants to harvest mealwood results in the animation of harvesting and everything, but in the end, no meal lice drops. The food total doesn't increase after harvesting, the refridgerator doesn't show food. The duplicants don't eat any meal lice neither. In other words, the mealwood grows fine, but there is no actual harvest. The video "OxygenNotIncluded_2017-03-17_15-17-30-22.mp4" shows the small clip of a mealwood being harvested and producing no food. This might be me not fully understanding the mechanics behind the situation, so let me know why this is happening if there's a non-bug solution. Save file: The Batcave Cycle 17.sav Pre-Harvest: Entire Colony Mapping:
  6. I had the same problem, some blocks would be stuck at 100%. The material dropped by the block would sometimes become stuck in midair, and even when the digging/construction at that block was cancelled and initiated again, the same problem still occurs.