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Dupes somehow getting past the atmo checkpoint.

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Not sure how, but rarely I have seen a dupe get past my checkpoint as seen in my screenshot.


The only other entry that I've got in to / out from my base is this entry.


The checkpoint is not disabled at all either and hasn't ever been disabled.

Golden Abode.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Not sure.

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I've now been having dupes more commonly getting past my checkpoint, and it seems to happen when a dupe is in the same spot as the checkpoint trying to get into a suit. This also seems to happen when a dupe with narcolepsy falls asleep while trying to get into a suit.

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You may try this:

move the checkpoint one spot to the left.

Reason: I think its possible for the pathfinding to just skip the checkpoint and move diagonaly to the ladder right of the checkpoint or vise versa, when the checkpoint is either occupied, or the dupe is unable to use it right now for any reason. 

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This started to happen with one of my newer colonies I created after the automation update (i have not seen this before). My setup has a mechanized airlock right io the next tiles after the checkpoint and then a ladder. (So I don't think the ladder matters in this post.) Since it's happening every hour or so, I've spent some time watching the checkpoint and I've clearly seen a dupe running past the checkpoint in real time. I think there was another dupe right on top of the checkpoint, so it can be a race condition of sorts. Also there were still empty suits on the docks.

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Expected behavior: Dupes will never EVER cross the checkpoint into a boiling environment without a suit.

Actual behavior: Dupes race in with no suit and you get no notification until they are already so deep in, low on air, and injured that they are impossible to save.

This happens so often for me that my game is practically unplayable! I have 38 saves from right after it happened.


I asked about it on Reddit and most people had never seen the issue, so I think it only happens if your computer is struggling to run a large map. My computer is old and my colony has 100 dupes and 400 critters.

It seemed like it happened a lot during times where electricity or oxygen were spotty to the atmo suits. Weirdly, now that both are mostly taken care of, it still happens several times per play session. It still happens in this save in both the space biome and the lava biome checkpoints.

I think what happens is that the dupe picks an errand on the other side of the checkpoint and then something happens to make the suits unavailable - either other dupes take all the suits first, none of the suits are topped up on oxygen, or the whole thing is unpowered. Then, because the computer is struggling to run everything, whatever code checks if a checkpoint is available doesn't run before the dupe has already raced past it.


Suggested solution: make each duplicant wait at a checkpoint for as long as it takes for a suit to be available.



Uncomfortable Spacecamp nosuit38.sav

Uncomfortable Spacecamp nosuit8.sav Uncomfortable Spacecamp nosuit24.sav

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