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Dupes keep losing track of needing to go to the bathroom while eating

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I've got 4 open stalls, only one used, full waterlines, and my dupes keep peeing in the great hall.  I'd thought it was because I needed to expand the # of toilets, but it's got something to do with how they're eating and not going to use the restroom.

The attached save (Burt's Mess) is a case where 2 out of the 4 lavs were recently used and two were open and he just lost it on the floor.  They don't to it often, but I end up with at least one mess every 4-6 cycles, and it's 95% of the time in the great hall.  The other occasions I just think I screwed up the scheduling.

Burt's Mess.sav

Steps to Reproduce
Just wait a while, it'll happen eventually.

User Feedback

Do you have enough downtime in your schedule ? 2 squares is a bit low when dupes must travel a bit. 3 is nice, and 4 is even better for dupes that work far from the main base.

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Dupes won't prioritize going to the bathroom during break time, that's what the bathroom break tiles are for in the schedule block.


I don't have the game booted up ATM, so I'm not 100% sure of what it's actually called...it's the cyan tile. :3


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2 squares bath, 3 leisure, 2 bedtime.  Some of them are gapped but it used to be that 100% bladder would get them where they need to go, even during leisure time.

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