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Dupes going out of their way?

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I have 20 tons of sandstone in a compactor on the right side of the ladder, I issue build orders for a good 7 tons of sand stone.... notice the dupes wandering out of the base on "construction delivery" jobs.  These idiots are LEAVING the base to get a material that is "a little ways over" so I figure maybe compactor bugged and empty it on the floor, dupes still ignore the 20t of sandstone BESIDE the construction area in favor of piles below the base.................

Data Brigade.sav

Steps to Reproduce
it all started about the time I installed poles....

User Feedback

For me dupes that are next to the printing pod go up to space to take 40kg of sand (it was in an ice biome just below space) and carry it to a deodorizer just next to the printing pod. But there is a at least 4 full compactors of sand in the vicinity of the printing pod and the deodorizer... 

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Apparently dupes ignore materials stored in compactors since last patch. It`s all sort of delivery. If the only available material is in the compactor it isn`t getting delivered anywhere no matter the priority. You need to drop everything on the ground just so your base keeps working. It`s a pretty big issue.

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