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Dupes do not equip clothing

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I have two war, sweaters in storage. One I assigned to Bubbles. She never visibly puts it on, it just stays in storage. Under "Bio" is says she is wearing it though. Something is broken here. 

From the change in body temperature, I deduce she is NOT wearing it.


Steps to Reproduce
Assign warn sweater to Dupe from storage, see no change in their clothing, see it stay in storage, but have it listed as worn.

User Feedback

There's been a bug in the clothing.
If you sweep the clothing and put into a container. Assign the clothing to a dupe.
The dupe does the visual of putting it on but never actually does.
Take the clothing off and it's still in the container.

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As far as I remember you can uncheck the clothes category inside the storage, so all the clothes/sweaters fall onto the floor. Assign them again and they eventually will put them on. (Workaround)

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