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  1. I am actually a little bit annoyed by the fact that wild pufts seem to lay at least one egg. I have some of them in enclosed areas with sterile atmosphere since the beginning of the game and they are therefore constantly producing meat for free (that doesn't rot) since they lay an egg, die and the next one repeats the procedure. Game is sooo not challenging.
  2. Half rocket still there

    I can confirm that it happens when I load the game while the rocket is on a mission. But when landing the images disappear. That's not true, my steam engine rocket left a solid fuel thruster behind (only the artwork). I already filed a bug for this too.
  3. Now I understand why my algae are eaten that fast. <.< What I still don't understand is the description of the fish feeder, stating that it provides the meal "once per day/cycle".
  4. Some cycles ago I launched a steam rocket with solid fuel thruster into space. I just realized that the solid fuel thruster is still visible as if it has never launched, although it did and it just seems to be the artwork that's still visible. Save file attached. It doesn't change after reloading the game. SolidFuelThrusterBug.sav
  5. Invalid port overlapped

    I don't think you should be able to build like that in the first place. Just move the bridge 1 space and use cables to connect both the ports.
  6. This also applies to Bristle Berries. Maybe it's all intended?
  7. I don't think this needs more explanation. (:
  8. Telescope doesn't seem to draw any power

    Here is the savefile if needed. NoTelescopePower.sav
  9. As you can see in the picture, the telescope is in use, but doesn't consume the expected 120W (even if it's just about the door opening and closing) - there is no other machinery currently in use in the circuit, so it's at 0W of 24880W. P.S. The telescope has a reduced visibility of 91% at the moment, maybe it's related to that.
  10. I can confirm this. Steps to reproduce: 1. Build bunker door. 2. Let a rocket destroy that bunker door (via starting or landing). 3. Let a dupe repair the damaged door. The door will now act as if it is not there, although it is fully repaired and visually visible
  11. I do this to, my workaround is to use a smart storage that opens a pressure door once it is full (and you can set the amount of storage capacity by yourself). The pressure door is closed by automation when the oxylite refinery is activated (via signal switch or timer and a memory gate). If you want to open the door earlier, just change the storage capacity of the smart storage). P.S. The oxylite refinery can produce something around 1400kg of oxylite with a full charge of gold.
  12. Dupes ignoring the limit of my oxylite tank

    I can confirm this bug for Release 312713, dupes usually do it, but not always, so I don't really know what the actual workaround is.
  13. Oxylite loaded while ship away

    I can confirm this bug for Release 312713
  14. Dupes do not equip clothing

    As far as I remember you can uncheck the clothes category inside the storage, so all the clothes/sweaters fall onto the floor. Assign them again and they eventually will put them on. (Workaround)
  15. Dupes in exosuits making messes again

    1. Why do you think a dupe should never have a full bladder inside of an exosuit? o.O 2. Is it possible that there was no way to get rid of the exosuit easily and nearby? Where is your exosuit checkpoint so he can change his clothes? I don't think a dupe in an exosuit should be able to use the bathroom because it's just too difficult to remove it there.