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  1. As far as I remember you can uncheck the clothes category inside the storage, so all the clothes/sweaters fall onto the floor. Assign them again and they eventually will put them on. (Workaround)
  2. 1. Why do you think a dupe should never have a full bladder inside of an exosuit? o.O 2. Is it possible that there was no way to get rid of the exosuit easily and nearby? Where is your exosuit checkpoint so he can change his clothes? I don't think a dupe in an exosuit should be able to use the bathroom because it's just too difficult to remove it there.
  3. In my opinion polluted water cannot flow because you connect two outputs together between two showers, when you should only connect from an output to an input (e.g. from a shower to a pipe leading directly to a liquid sewer; ofc you can connect from or to multiple outputs and inputs, respectively). You also should avoid putting inputs to inputs directly, just create a main pipe with some junctions for the whole system. Maybe I am wrong, but that's how I create my pipe systems and it works without problems, also regarding showers. The dupe should not be able to use it though.
  4. Water is too viscous

    That's what I think too, since it looks darker in that spot. Of course water should put gases aside, but well it's not easy to simulate all of this with little processing power I guess.
  5. Comet bugs

    I can confirm that both the rows under bunker tiles get hurt and regolith passes into the office. I don't think that second one should happen although maybe the first one is okay since the shockwave travels and does damage within the structure? Regarding the temperature I understand your frustration, but such an impact would generate a lot of heat, so there is my 5 cents.
  6. Missing Art

    So I think this picture shows what you are referring to?
  7. What do you mean by "will not cool the gas around it"? It is intentionally not cooling gas when it's too hot? Also the "Too Cold" info has a tag telling you the surroundings of the nullifier may be too cold, which is very confusing since there is hot steam around it (I encountered this problem too and don't know what it actually means).
  8. Bottled Liquid Gold

    I don't think you should be able to mop up liquid gold in the first place.
  9. Thanks for the clarification, it doesn't feel intuitive though and is never mentioned. Especially because sometimes dupes will do stupid things like going into a high pressure or extrem heat area without a suit and that's a thing they should not.
  10. So okay, is this a bug or a weird feature?
  11. I can confirm this too although I only have seen it once in my base. There is also only one exit into that area. Don't know how to reproduce it, but my duplicant suddenly got scalded and that's why I even noticed it.
  12. Pretty colors

    I know it too and I actually LOVE those colors a lot. No joke.
  13. Freaky dupe dinner chat

    And that's why you should not talk while eating.
  14. Many tamed squeaky pufts got through my powered airlock.
  15. As you can see in my save file, I have 180.5039 Balm Lily Seeds (that means 180 and 0.5039 seeds). I also once suddenly had 0.104 or something Wort Seeds after I planted the Wort Plant you see in the picture and some time went by. Don't know exactly how to reproduce it. I was able to actually plant the 0.104 seed into a full plant at some point. Attached you find the save file. Utopia Cycle 502.sav