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Desalinator _still_ gets output temperature stuck

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Probably also affects the Water Sieve.

Now that this _still_ has not been fixed really $&#Q*$Q(!! me off. It is a longest-term bug. Its fix would probably be very easy. It can totally kill a colony.

What happens: I feed a desalinator with 95C saltwater. Its output sticks at something like 16C or 45C or whatever permanently, until the desalinator is power-cycled, enable-cycled or the input water stream is turned off and on again.

What is wrong with the current implementation? There is some unreliability with some action in here that the developers are ignoring. And there is _no_ forced recalculation of the output temperature.

How to fix: By redundancy. Do not try to be perfect. Simply put one _mandatory_ _forced_ output temperature recalculation in there every 10 seconds or every 60 seconds so. This cannot be a performance issue. This cannot be hard to do it. Please do it. 

Steps to Reproduce

You know. Seriously. 

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The water sieve seems to have this problem to. The strange thing for me is that after the latest fix to this problem it seems to work most of the time.

The desalinator states that the output temperature is the combined temperature of the input items.... but is only has 1 so the temperature for the desalinator is simply the input temperature of the input material? For the water sieve i'ts the temperature for the filtering sand and polluted water.

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Just to refresh this, just happened with current preview to me again. Still broken.

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