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Decor calculation

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I get the intention behind the rework considering decor added by buildings, but it seems not really implemented.


But most buildings still behave like the old decor system:

The material selection while building doesn´t show added decor but the building still behaves like nothing changed and some materials got boni.


=> Maybe it just shows "0" added decor every time ? (Material selection / while mouse over the decor value)

Steps to Reproduce
Build a ladder made of granite it shows 0 added decor but still reduces the negative decor impact by +1

User Feedback

Bonus from material is calculated as percentage from base value. In your case, it should be displayed as;

Base Value: -10

Granite: +2 (+20% from base value)

Currently, the game picks wrong number format and displays a +20% decor bonus as +0 (0.2 rounding down to 0).

This also affects decor modifier in resource selection screen in build menu. Diamond with +100% decor bonus or Niobium with +50% decor bonus will show its bonus as +1 while anything else with decor bonus less than 50% will show as +0.

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Note that, for Niobium, there's also an inconsistency between the stats show by the metal refinery, and those shows in construction interface

In the metal refinery, it indicates a +1 decor bonus


But in the construction interface, it shows a +50% bonus


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