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Couldn't sweep and collect abyssite

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Perhaps this is a feature and I didn't have the right equipment to collect it but I had 10 dupes idle in an otherwise spotless base ignoring a priority level 9 on the sweep command for abyssite.

Steps to Reproduce
Mine abyssite and issue sweep order

User Feedback

Yeah it seems you cannot pick it up currently. Another one is Ice... If you cool water far enough it actually turns in ice, which can then be dug up. But when dug up it drops ice as a resource and cannot be picked up, neither does it smelt back into water :(

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5 hours ago, six_demon_bag said:

thanks guys. So at the moment there's no point mining it I guess


Well, if you have a hatch running somewhere and drop him an Abyssite, he thjen poops MuckRoot. Dont have data on other uncollectable materials. From basic stuff he drops coal, which is really usefull

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