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Conductive wire does not decrease decor

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Not sure if this is intended.

Look at the picture, every wire and bridge and joint plate will decrease decor, except "conductive wire".

Oxygen Not Included Screenshot 2018.07.26 -

Steps to Reproduce
1. Build conductive wire 2. F8

User Feedback

Try building a conductive wire => read the description of the info box that pops up next to the building menu - that's intended behavior.

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Depends on the material you used to make it. 

I'm making the assumption you're using iron for your conductive wires:


As you can see, iron provides no decor bonus. However, going off of the item description (Dupes prefer looking at them), and no base decor value, I think this building was intended to be a decor neutral wire.


Edit: As you can see, materials like copper have a decor bonus.




20% of Zero is still Zero. :wilson_ecstatic:


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