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Compost - invisible fork

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I got a visual (only) issue.

I've loaded my game, and here's how I see compost.



The line in the center is concerned. And if I just pass my mouse over the one at the right :



Fork appears ^^

Same issue for every compost I have.




Before testing branch, I had another kind of visual issue with compost : it was just like nothing was into, even it was processing polluted dirt already. I just had to wait until a new load of dirt was brought the it goes back as expected.

This one, the invisible fork, is a never seen before :)

Have a nice day

OxCD's Cocoon.sav

Steps to Reproduce

Load my save, go at the bottom of the map (you can't miss it) there's dozens of compost. I hope you'll be able to reproduce it... I hate random generated issue ^^



User Feedback

@coheru To answer the wise comment above, it was noticed while bunch of mods were active. So tested with no mods active : here in one screenshot, you have the 2 bugs mentionned earlier.

First, you'll see empty composts. But none is empty. Selected one isn't neither. The compost will look how it should be only if it receives a new load of dirt (shot taken few seconds after a game reload). Few already had (above), those are ok.

Secondly, you'll see the compost without fork. As mentionned above, hovering the compost with my mouse while in play (pause didn't work) and the fork is back. I've no idea what is causing the fork to disappear.




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