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  1. If the navigadget is being used, the first given item will simply disappear, deleting it R.I.P Spear
  2. very low fps

    No, it's good now, thanks (sorry I know it took me a long time to answer)
  3. I went to play as Wheeler, so I explored the map and when I checked the map, he had not updated the parts I explored (day 1)
  4. Wormwood's health still affected by food

    maybe you're not wormwood? (like a wormwood skin, idk)
  5. Walking ocean

    obs: fixed e.e
  6. fixed bug..
  7. Tela preta durante o jogo

    bom, quais mods você está utilizando? deve ser alguma configuração de jogo ou com mod que cause esse bug
  8. you can walk to ocean because of this bug
  9. same! ;-; normal fps: 50, now: 8, SERIOUS KLEI?
  10. very low fps when playing (and menu game) to me, before the beta: 30 average fps, beta: down to 8 fps.. i can't play because this
  11. Wheeler crash

    obs: create the boat, and use the boat
  12. i was playing as wheeler on shipwrecked, so i create a boat, and, the extra slot (from pew-matic-horn and navigadget) show without using they, i click at the slot, and... CRASH
  13. Crashed world

    my friend world and everyone constantly crashes/disconnect after a while