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  1. Forum's front page is broken.

    changing the theme seems to fix the problem, the theme of don't starve and oxygen not included that seems to be broken only
  2. Better artificial intelligence would be cool for the Duplicants, for example, in my colony a duplicant slept in the water! After that he got hypothermia, I think that to fix this the duplicant should not sleep in liquids if possible, another annoying thing is the sensitivity of the duplicant that is sleeping on the light, no matter how much lux time on him, he it will always wake up, and if it has a shine bug it will wake up on time and then sleep back when the shine bug comes out, instead of finding some suitable spot that has no shine bug or light nearby.
  3. and once in a while there was the animation of werepig attacking me but I get no damage, unfortunately I couldn't record it, i was using mods on the map, but it works without
  4. I'm not sure if this belongs here, but it can annoy
  5. can't use raw mineral

    Yes, possibly that is the cause, and also the digging icon does not appear, and the germs in the gases
  6. There are still things talking about immunity even though it was deleted like this and this when i click the "Immunity"
  7. I can't dig this stump because of Great Leafy Stalk placement.
  8. can't use this raw mineral
  9. This "7" is the day, not the month
  10. Wormwood Seed crash

    A lot of people have already reported this bug and it's because of a mod, not sure but could you disable each mod to see which one is to blame?