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  1. Now just waiting for Liam's Germ Killer Pack!! ty!!
  2. ONI multiplayer

    they need to clarify this
  3. Anyone interested in a roleplay group?

    i want like, a hamlet rp? buying things.. doing jobs..
  4. that's also contempt
  5. Lead in Solid Oxidizer?!

    hm.. do you activate yellow or red alarm? I think when activate one of them, and the duplicant is carrying more than one item, the item he is also carrying goes along to the machine, I saw someone saying something like that but I don't remember who edit: my theory> I think your duplicants were carrying lead to fix these gantries, so you turn on the yellow alarm so the duplicants get oxylite to refuel the solid oxylite tank
  6. Monoxide Memes

    uhh.. april fools profile photo maybe? (that's so creepy man..) Sorry, blood xD
  7. maxwell krampus skin looks similar to wortox, but i think just to make horns like klaus, and closed mouth would be cool.. claws, lock.. eyes?HMMM
  8. i think wortox will make a Klaus cosplay Wormwood? Pine maybe
  9. Grooming Station No Critters Available

    maybe.. they don't need to be groomed or sheared? this also happens to me, but idk 100%
  10. Unassigned Beds (not grayed out)

    Same, but also happens to mess tables
  11. i want to know the moral necessary to activate the new joy effects