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CO2 not building up when I have an non-functioning Carbon Skimmer

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I am not using anything to skim CO2 right now (was using a few algae terrariums before), and I have basically no CO2 in my entire base at cycle 51.  The only thing I have is a carbon skimmer that has a connected outlet pipe, but no inlet pipe and no power, meaning the machine should not be doing anything.

Before I built the skimmer (around cycle 30), a lot of CO2 was building up.  After building it, I never connected it to power or the geyser water, and I have less CO2 than ever (basically none).  I'm guessing the machine is what is causing the bug, because I can't imagine why else I would have basically no CO2 buildup despite not doing anything about it, and the buildup was occurring before the machine was built.

I've attached my save if you guys are interested in loading it to see what is going on.

I'm a fellow game dev, I love the game and I'm happy to help however I can!

The Incredible Asteroid.sav

Steps to Reproduce
- Build a carbon skimmer at the very bottom of a base with dupes producing a normal amount of CO2. - Connect a pipe from the outlet of the carbon skimmer to a liquid vent (don't connect power, and don't connect an inlet pipe). - Observe the lack of CO2 buildup near the machine after running for a while.

User Feedback

I took a quick look and it doesn't appear like anything unexpected is happening. There is a moderate amount of CO2 around your base, either in small pockets inside, or off in side tunnels that have doors on them, and my guess is that enough of the CO2 has leaked outside your base that there isn't much left inside.

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Huh, I am now on cycle 68 and I'm pretty sure my skimmer has still not produced any polluted water (literally my only polluted water throughout the whole game has been from wash basins and mopping random puddles in ice biomes and whatnot).  I haven't made any attempt to purify any of it and I still have almost none, whereas in other games, carbon skimmers were a pretty significant source of polluted water.

It also might not be an issue with the scrubber, it could be something else weird that is going on and deleting CO2, but as far as I can tell, CO2 barely exists in my game for whatever reason, and I am not doing anything to combat it other than the lone scrubber that basically isn't doing anything.  I'm tempted to save a separate file and try to isolate what is going on.

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How many dupes do you have?  I havn't had to really deal with co2 before cycle 100 keeping dupes under 6-8 and before making a petrol generator ( makes lots of co2 ).  It usually just falls to the bottom and as you dig deeper, it moves down.


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