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  1. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but it sure feels like it: This over-pressurization also is seen in pretty much every other newly-discovered gas pocket on my current map. I accidentally dug into a super over-pressurized pocket of Chlorine, and literally 50% of my base is Chlorine now, and I've been venting it into space for about 50 cycles now and the pressure is just barely normalizing to 2Kg per tile, and I'm guessing it'll take me another 50+ to clear the remainder of it. Edit: I've done some research and found out these are called "geodes"? I'll post another thread in the feedback/suggestions section to explain why this feels like a bug, and will be a constant hindrance for newer players.
  2. I am noticing the same issue and I specifically believe what is broken is the heat transfer from a pipe to a packet and vice versa. My setup has two adjacent radiant pipes, one filled with very cold hydrogen, and one filled with hot oxygen. The aim is to cool the oxygen by having the packets exchange heat with the pipe, and then the pipes exchange heat with the environment. The temperature of the packets of hydrogen and oxygen do not change as they pass through that room. Here's a gif of what I see: Normally what I'd see is the temperature of the oxygen dropping to about 40-ish degrees F by the time it reached the end of the section of radiant pipes, while the temperature of the hydrogen would raise considerably as it left the room. The room itself was sitting at about 10-20 degrees F back when this was functioning as expected.
  3. Hello, I am on the launch_testing branch, and I've attached a save that will crash reliably about 1/4 cycle after loading it. Not sure what is going on, but I figured it'd generate a quick and easy callstack to track down the issue. Thanks! Suave Trainwreck PreCrash.sav
  4. Huh, I am now on cycle 68 and I'm pretty sure my skimmer has still not produced any polluted water (literally my only polluted water throughout the whole game has been from wash basins and mopping random puddles in ice biomes and whatnot). I haven't made any attempt to purify any of it and I still have almost none, whereas in other games, carbon skimmers were a pretty significant source of polluted water. It also might not be an issue with the scrubber, it could be something else weird that is going on and deleting CO2, but as far as I can tell, CO2 barely exists in my game for whatever reason, and I am not doing anything to combat it other than the lone scrubber that basically isn't doing anything. I'm tempted to save a separate file and try to isolate what is going on.
  5. I am not using anything to skim CO2 right now (was using a few algae terrariums before), and I have basically no CO2 in my entire base at cycle 51. The only thing I have is a carbon skimmer that has a connected outlet pipe, but no inlet pipe and no power, meaning the machine should not be doing anything. Before I built the skimmer (around cycle 30), a lot of CO2 was building up. After building it, I never connected it to power or the geyser water, and I have less CO2 than ever (basically none). I'm guessing the machine is what is causing the bug, because I can't imagine why else I would have basically no CO2 buildup despite not doing anything about it, and the buildup was occurring before the machine was built. I've attached my save if you guys are interested in loading it to see what is going on. I'm a fellow game dev, I love the game and I'm happy to help however I can! The Incredible Asteroid.sav